Your Contribution

You want to contribute actively:

Conferences and Workshops

Organize events in celebration of the Year of Statistics or integrate your own performance in already planed conferences. Inform us about your events that we are able to publish them on our website.

Illustrate Statistics

Spread the meaning of Statistics throughout different groups of people: Publish your own blog with exciting examples about the meaning of Statistics especially about your own area of application. Create your own brochures or organize contributions for high schools or universities.


Participate with your own video and inform friends, colleges and students about the contest. For more information take a look at

Open house

Open the doors of your institution for the general public for one day – For example on the 20th of October, the World Statistics Day.

Support young talents

Plan or organize activities to inspire young people for Statistics. Inform them about statistical professions and help them to encourage their carrier.

Educational material

Provide material and ideas to convey Statistic in a more understandable and exciting way for example for high schools or universities.

Spread the word

Publish the idea of the International Year of Statistic during events, in newsletters, blogs or on your own website etc. Posters about the project will be allocate soon from the international committee.


Are you interested in the Year of Statistics and want to follow our activities?

Inform yourself

You will find information about the Year of Statistics on the international website and also on this one.

Support the project with the name of your institution

Register yourself and your organization as supporter of the project on the international website. This is not connected with any commitments. You only demonstrate encouragement on the goals of the Year of Statistics.

Follow the news

Register here for the newsletter from the international committee of the Year of Statistics or visit our website steadily.